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About Oilfire Whiskey

One step ahead

Our Founder's Vision.

Bring inspiration and innovation to the flavored whiskey market.

Our Founder’s vision and passion is to bring inspiration and innovation to the flavored whiskey market. The Vision was clear, to create an original premium blend that friends, clients and future customers will enjoy and want to share with the special people in their lives.

After several years of research and product development, OILFIRE, “America’s First Seductive Spirit” was born from the mythical legends of 1907 while embracing the passions and desires of the modern consumer.

OILFIRE Rye Whiskey and Liqueur is the premium blend that provides the satisfaction you deserve. OILFIRE should be available in all states soon, and new OILFIRE products available in mid-2018.

Ignite your passion with a seductive spirit.

OilFire Whiskey

Explore the creative process.

OILFIRE Rye Whiskey and Liqueur is a premium blend of pecan, liqueur and whiskey for a seductively smooth taste.

Rye Mash Distillation

OILFIRE uses only the Finest Rye Mash & Ingredients throughout our Unique Distilling Process.

Charred-Oak Barrel Aged

For a spirit to call itself American rye whiskey, it has to conform to a strict set of legal regulations. The mash has to be made up of at least 51 percent actual rye grain aged in new, charred oak barrels for at least 2 years.

Secret Family Liqueur

The final touch is a carefully guarded secret departing notes of vanilla, cardamom and caramel.

OilFire Rye Whiskey is aged in new, charred oak barrels with notes of smoke, fruit, vanilla, oak and caramel.

OilFire is a Premium Spirit consisting of a proprietary blend of rye whiskey and liqueur conforming to each consumers’ palate with natural flavors of vanilla, cardamom,  chocolate and caramel.

Looking for OILFIRE Whiskey in your neck of the woods?